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Vinlista Bordsplaner
Starters   Main courses
Salad of marinated salmon with mustard dressing, baked beet and dill bun.

Ceviche of tuna, squid and pilgrim scallop and mango and passion, served with tomato aioli and sepia bread.

Whitefish roe, 40 grams, served with buttered toast, red onion in two ways and sour cream.

Four Swedish flavors of the season.

Grilled trout with dill emulsion, Västerbotten pastry and sourdough bread.

Lamb tartar from Almunge, horseradish dressing, priest cheese and rye bread.

Mushroom tortilla with Iberico ham, honey dressing and tomato bread.

Baked vegetables of the season, herbal oil, lentil tartar and bread.
Beef from Almunge with truffle sauce, creamed root vegetables and pommes alumette.

Fillet beef medallions from Almunge, red wine sauce a la cafe de Paris and potato wedges.

Roasted lemon marinated veal tenderloin, marsala sauce, mushroom risotto and roasted vegetables.

Lamb fillet with dijon butter sauce, herb cooked root vegetables and fennel brunoise.

Deer medallions with chanterelle sauce, onion fried potatoes and rowan berry jelly.

Herb and red wine marinated duck with green pepper sauce and roasted potatoes.

Baked halibut with mushroom quilt, aspargus butter sauce and warm wheat berry sallad.

Grilled trout with dill sautéed vegetables, cold bleak roe and broth cooked potatoes.

Baked cauliflower with bean ragu, tomato, tofu and blackened onions.

Desserts   Prices
Vanilla parfait with salty caramel sauce and roasted almonds.

Chocolate pannacotta with forest berry compote and waffle crumbs.

Raspberry ice cream with liquorice ripple and fruit salad.

Chocolate cake with passion fruit sauce and coffee cream.

Three cheeses from Uppland, with accessories.

Any combination of appetizer, main course and dessert: SEK 740:- plus VAT.

Contact us for prices and ordering. All prices excl. VAT.

To obtain permission to rent the Hall, the customer or its representative must qualify, and certify that certain requirements are met.

Note that the Hall can not be rented for private functions.

Please contact us for more information.