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Rikssalen at Uppsala Castle

We are happy to work with companies, organisations, foundations and societies, and with others.

Rikssalen at Uppsala castle is a suitable location for, for example, different forms of cultural events. The Hall itself can accommodate 550 guests, who later could have coffe on the floor above while we reaarange for the dancefloor. We can arrange events both during the daytime and in the evening.

Please note that the booking of the National Hall is limited by the statutes of the National Hall Foundation.

God mat och passande dryck serveras till middag i Rikssalen

Enjoy good

Food and drink

Book Rikssalen with catering and three-course dinner. Read more about our food and see the full menu.

Du kan hyra Rikssalen i Uppsala slott för fester, jubileum och andra event.

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Rental of the hall

Contact us for more information and to book the Rikssalen at Uppsala Castle.