Mat och dryck från Slottsduvan vid Uppsala Slott

Food and drink

Rent Rikssalen at Uppsala Castle with the associated service. We offer a menu proposal with several carefully selected dishes and suitable drinks. Rikssalen has room for up to 550 dinner guests.

You or your guests choose any combination of starter, main course and dessert from our menu. We offer meat, fish and vegetarian options. On our drink menu you will find a number of selected red and white wines, sparkling wines, champagne and dessert wine as well as beer from Uppsala Brewery’s range.

In addition to the three-course dinner, snacks are offered.

See the menu below.


The price for any combination of starter, main course and dessert is SEK 780/person.
All prices are exclusive of VAT.


Gravlax salad with pickled cucumber, dill cream and mustard bread

Tuna and salmon tartare with salmon roe, roasted lemon cream and herb bun

Skagen, vendace roe, pickled red onion and dill bread

Smoked salmon roll with lobster cream cheese, sauce verte and sourdough bread

Mushroom frittata, baked beets, goat cheese dressing, roasted pumpkin seeds and rye bun

Avocado and tofu tartare, chimichurri, lentil salad and tomato bread

Jerusalem artichoke panna cotta with seaweed caviar, green pea salsa and cheese bread.

Main dishes

Venison medallions with creamy chanterelle sauce, jacket potatoes and blackcurrant jelly

Pepper steak on beef fillet, green pepper sauce, potato gratin and bouillon-boiled root vegetables

Roasted veal tenderloin with marsala sky, truffle risotto and fried vegetables

Herb-marinated lamb steak with dijon sauce and roasted root vegetables

Grilled char with lobster butter sauce, fennel ragu and cheese gratin pressed potatoes

Gnocchi with beans in tomato sauce, grilled vegetables and Parmesan cheese

Yellow pea steak with tofu and herbs, lentil ragu, mushroom sauce and jacket potatoes

Bean and vegetable burrito with cheese sauce and baked potato


Vanilla parfait with warm forest berries and waffle crumbs

Chocolate cake with raspberry cream and licorice syrup

Liqueur parfait with hot fudge sauce and toasted sponge cake

Passion fruit panna cotta with fruit salad and chocolate sprinkles

Lemon and strawberry parfait with white chocolate sauce and roasted coconut

Appetizers for the pre-drink

Toast with roe and accessories
Croustade with scrambled eggs
Thin bread roll with smoked salmon and horseradish
Dark bread with whipped cream cheese
Thin bread with hummus and fried vegetables
Toast with avocado and seaweed caviar
Thin bread roll with roast beef and dijon cream cheese
Crustade with smoked reindeer and horseradish
Price SEK 38/pc

Wine list

Sparkling Wines and Champagne

Kir Royale SEK 85/glass
A classic aperitif with
sparkling wine and cassis.

Campo Viejo Cava Brut, Spain
SEK 75/glass, SEK 460/bottle
Dry, fresh and fruity with hints of citrus and ripe apples.

Le Arche Prosecco Extra Dry, Italy
SEK 85/glass, SEK 480/bottle
A slight sweetness that is balanced by a refreshing acidity and sun-ripened fruit.

White Wines

Jacob´s Creek Semillion chardonnay, Australia
SEK 85/glass, SEK 395/bottle
Aroma of citrus, green apples and tropical fruits. Taste of tropical fruits and citrus with a pleasant touch of grass.

II Fortino Vermentino, Italy
SEK 95/glass, SEK 460/bottle
Refreshing and delicious with juicy acidity, abundant character of yellow plum, lime, pear, white nectarine, lemon zest and white flowers.

Silvano Piacentini Soave Classico, Italy
SEK 95/glass, SEK 460/bottle
Fresh fruity wine with hints of pear, peach, citrus and minerals.

Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc Vegan, New Zealand
SEK 100/glass, SEK 480/bottle
Aromatic very fresh, youthful taste with hints of gooseberry, blackcurrant leaves, pear, lime and green asparagus.

Kenwood Chardonnay, USA
SEK 105/glass, SEK 490/bottle
Tasty, fruity wine with notes of oak and hints of pear, apple, lime, ginger, mineral and vanilla.

Chablis Moillard, France
SEK 150/glass, SEK 650/bottle
Nuanced, very fresh and fruity taste with hints of green apples, citrus and minerals.

Red Wines

Jacob´s Creek Shiraz Cabernet Organic Australia
SEK 145/1½ glasses, SEK 410/bottle
Fruity and tasty wine with hints of cherries, blackberries, licorice and oak barrels.

Graffigna Malbec Argentina
SEK 165/1½ glasses, SEK 490/bottle
Fruity, flavorful wine with barrel character and hints of vanilla, dark berries, herbs, coffee and chocolate.

Kenwood Zinfandel USA
SEK 175/1½ glasses, SEK 540/bottle
Very fruity taste with barrel character, hints of raspberry, pomegranate, licorice, white pepper, cinnamon and vanilla.

Campo viejo reserva, Spain
SEK 165/1½ glasses, SEK 490/bottle
A developed aroma filled with ripe red berries, plums and a hint of vanilla. Round flavorful wine with a ripe spicy taste with hints of dried fruits. Very balanced taste and the wine has a good length.

Wyndham Estate BIN 555 Shiraz Australia
SEK 165/1½ glasses, SEK 490/bottle
Full-bodied wine with a soft structure. Generous plums, ripe berries, licorice with chocolate and vanilla as elements.

Silvano Piacentini Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso EKO Italy
SEK 185/1½ glasses, SEK 580/bottle
Medium-bodied wine with integrated astringency. Soft acidity, sweet cherries, dark chocolate, clear berries, cedar wood, dark chocolate praline and some tempting notes of cherry core and bitter almond in the finish.

Stoneleigh Pinot Noir Vegan New Zeeland
SEK 175/1½ glasses, SEK 540/bottle
Spicy, youthful taste with notes of barrel, mint, strawberries, ginger and vanilla.

Château du Trignon Rasteau, France
SEK 185 for 1½ glasses, SEK 560/bottle
Flavors of blueberries and raspberries combine with elements of fresh herbs and spices as well as licorice, violet, a little black pepper and a lovely minerality.

Dessert Wines

Château Monbazillac France
SEK 80/6 cl.
The taste is sweet concentrated with fruity notes and long balanced aftertaste.

Gemma Moscato d´Asti Italy
SEK 70/6 cl.
Sweet taste with hints of honeydew melon, elder, pear and tropical fruits such as pineapple, a certain spiciness of cinnamon and a fresh acidity balances the sweetness in an excellent way.

Grådask tawny port, Portugal
SEK 70/6 cl
Sweet, medium-bodied with balanced fruit acidity and taste of dried fruit, nuts, almonds and vanilla.


Beer assortment in collaboration with Uppsala Brewery